Connect to Israel on a deeper level with

The ONLY Bible highlighting the Land & People of Israel

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Why you will LOVE The Israel Bible

The Israel Bible is special in many ways.
Here are some features designed with you in mind:

1) Connect with God, Israel, and the Bible in an entirely new way.

2) Learn God’s word in the original Hebrew text, with English translations and transliterations.

3) Study the Bible with a specific focus on it’s most central themes: the Land and People of Israel.

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1) Learn from the source

Full text of the Hebrew Scriptures in English and Hebrew with select transliterated verses

2) Learn all about Israel

Unique Israel focused commentary on every chapter

3) Learn it correctly

Proper Hebrew pronunciation of key biblical names and places

4) Learn it easily

The Israel Bible comes with a Hebrew alphabet chart, and additional learning sheets

The Israel Bible with Leaders from Around the World


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett with Beit Shemesh Mayor Aliza Bloch

buzi herzog

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog

jim garlow

Pastor Jim Garlow with his wife Rosemary Schindler Garlow


The Israel Bible’s editor Rabbi Tuly Weisz giving copies to IDF soldiers

Meet The Editor, Rabbi Tuly Weisz


Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel extremism are growing at an alarming rate. In turn, Jews and Christians are turning to the Bible and joining together to fulfill God’s prophecy with growing momentum.

With efforts to vilify the Jewish State expanding nearly every day across the globe, The Israel Bible helps explain the world’s obsession with Israel and our role in fulfilling God’s word.

Armed with The Israel Bible, readers can learn Hebrew, discover fascinating connections between the Jewish People and their Land, and gain deeper insight into the history and landscape of Israel.
Rabbi Tuly Weisz
Editor, The Israel Bible

Connect to Israel on a deeper level with

The ONLY Bible highlighting the Land & People of Israel