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Churches, synagogues, and communities around the world
Have fallen in love with the Israel Bible
For the same reason you have:

It’s the ONLY Bible with a special focus
On the Land of Israel and the relationship Between the Jewish people and the Land.

The Israel Bible will help you read, understand,
And appreciate God’s Word quickly, accurately, and pleasurably.

Your community will thank you!

The Israel Bible gives you:

  • The original Hebrew text with a clear and accurate English translation, so you can understand exactly what the Bible is communicating.
  • Selected verses transliterated from Hebrew to English to help you read the Hebrew text correctly and learn Hebrew faster.
  • Informative introductions to each book, giving you a historical background to the book and personalities.
  • Rich commentary from a variety of Jewish sources, opening up deeper insights from key verses.
  • High-quality maps, charts, illustrations, and photos to help you understand and appreciate the Bible even more. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!