Special Edition Sabbatical (Shemitta) Calendar  

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Why you will LOVE the Israel365 Calendar

Each page of the calendar includes a breathtaking full color image of the Land of Israel alongside an inspiring Bible verse and uplifting lessons.

A brand new 16-month calendar and Jewish Holiday guide, to infuse your home with a dose of spirituality.

Hanging this brand new calendar in your space will honor the God, the People and the Land of Israel. Bring Israel to life with monthly Bible verses and commentaries connected to the beautiful images of modern-day Israel.

The calendar begins on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New year in September 2021. Set your schedule to “God’s timing” by keeping track of Biblical holidays and festivals over the next 16 months.

Stay connected to Israel every day of the year

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Diane H.

I really enjoy my calendar and all the information about the feasts. I bought 3 and gave 2 to friends. They love them as much as I do. Thank you!!!

Miriam S.

I have bought this beautiful calendar for the last few years now, and this one is of course even more special because of the Sabbatical year. God is truly blessing Israel as foretold.

Arlo F.

The calendar is beautiful! Thank you, and blessings to you each day…

Michael J.

Awesome calendar and very informative. I tried not to examine too much as I was flipping through the pages. I like to be surprised as each month comes around.

Trula K.

I love my Israeli calendar, I hung it where I can see it most, on my refrigerator!

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The Israel365 calendar includes:

– National and Jewish Holidays

– Exclusive pictures of Israel

– Large print – easy to read

– Explanation of Jewish holidays

– Verses from The Bible

– Full 16 months (September 2021-December 2022)

– Makes a great gift

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Your daily connection to the Land of Israel

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