Find the meaning behind your name

Your Hebrew Name Certificate Includes:

  • Your name in Biblical Hebrew and transliterated with English letters
  • The Bible verse containing your name in Hebrew and English
  • A detailed explanation of your name’s Biblical source
  • Learn more about yourself through your Hebrew Biblical name
STARTING AT $35 $24.50
What is a Hebrew Name Certificate?
STARTING AT $35 $24.50
Your Digital Hebrew Name Certificate
Learn more about yourself through your Hebrew Biblical name.

STARTING AT $35 $24.50


Certificate Details

  • First Name Only. Please combine middle names with last name.

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    See what makes your hebrew name certificate special:

    all names can be found in the bible

    Rabbi Tuly Weisz will provide you with you your unique Hebrew name within hours after your order.

    your name is special and unique

    Your certificate will display The Bible verse in which your unique Hebrew name is found.

    your essence is contained in your Hebrew name

    Your certificate explains what your name means, the importance of its placement in The Bible, and what it said about you.

    Hebrew names make great gifts as well

    • Parents
    • Spouses
    • Births
    • Children
    • Grandchildren
    • Friends and family
    STARTING AT $35 $24.50
    We’d like to help with any questions!
    How do you determine my Hebrew Name?

    Rabbi Tuly Weisz is an expert at helping people find their corresponding Biblical name. He has many years of experience and knows the source of your name in The Bible. Under his guidance, we’ll have your Hebrew name and its connection to the Bible shortly after your purchase.

    What's included with my Hebrew name certificate?
    Your certificate comes with your Hebrew name in Hebrew and English transliteration. It displays the verse in which your name is found and an explanation of your name’s Biblical source. If you order a printed certificate, it comes in a high-end presentation folder. If you order a plaque, it comes with a stand or can be wall-mounted.
    What is the Hebrew name for ______?
    We love helping your find your original Hebrew Biblical name. As soon as you place an order, Rabbi Tuly Weisz will research your name in The Bible text and create your certificate. If you would just like to know what your Hebrew name is, please open a live chat or ticket in the lower right.
    Do I download this, or do you ship it to me?
    We offer many options! You can choose a downloadable PDF, or a physical certificate or plaque shipped directly to your home.
    Who is behind Hebrew Name Certificate?
    Israel365 is the company that creates Hebrew name certificates. Israel365 is your daily connection to The Land and People of Israel, and led by Rabbi Tuly Weisz. To learn more about Israel365 or Rabbu Tuly Weisz, please open a live chat or ticket in the lower right.
    What if I have other questions?
    We are here to help! If you have any questions not answered on this page, please open a live chat or ticket with us in the lower right. We can’t wait to hear from you.
    STARTING AT $35 $24.50