7 Laminated Study Sheets

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The Israel Bible Scholar Set – All 7 Laminated Study Sheets


3 reviews for 7 Laminated Study Sheets

  1. Raven Johnson

    Any ‘Bible’, which is christian, will have the new testament, as well as other books, which you have removed. Also, YOU don’t represent Judaism. Your goal in making this, is to convert Christians to Noahide, who simply are forming the New World Order. God isn’t on your side…HE never was. You think you will rule the world. WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!

    • kalman@israel365.com

      Sorry, no. we work hard on translating and discussing the Jewish Bible.

  2. Stanley

    The price is us or Israel shekels!

    • Mordecai Altose

      All prices listed are in US dollars.

  3. Phil Wilkerson

    These sheets give me details at my fingertips to help me keep bible study fresh. I love them!

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