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When it comes to learning about the Hebrew Bible, the amount one can study is endless - of course, that is part of the Bible’s beauty. But for teachers and students, the amount of significant material one should know can seem daunting. With The Israel Bible’s Laminated Study Guides, learning at-a-glance and on-the-go becomes fun and easy.

Our easy-to-read study guides include laminated sheets summarizing what you need to know about the language, places, prophets, kings, influential men and women of the Bible and more! Instead of looking through textbooks, crib sheets and sticky notes, you can find information at a glance for last minute review, summary and preparation for sermons and teaching. Buy the sheets individually or buy them all and save!


1 review for Aleph Bet Insights - Laminated Study Sheet

  1. Carlos Arnaldo Cruz Gonçalves

    I live in Brazil. This “Aleph Bet Insights” are writer only in english? I want in Portuguese

    • Mordecai Altose

      Unfortunately it is only available in English at this time.

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