Chana’s Prayer Sterling Silver Pendant


No matter our background or religion, women have a natural and sincere inclination to turn to God in prayer in times of need, sadness, joy, gratitude or a longing for a deeply committed and unconditionally loving relationship. May your prayers be answered for good.


Chana's silent, wholehearted calling out to God has become the foundation for all our prayers. When God rewards her with a child, she sings out to Him, "I am happy with your Redemption. May all our prayers be answered as we lift up our hearts and hands to God."

"In her wretchedness, she prayed to Hashem, weeping all the while." - I Samuel 1:10

Chana is heartbroken because she has no children and goes to pray at the Mishkan in Shilo.  The Mishkan stands in Shilo for 369 years before the building of the Beit Hamikdash in Yerushalayim.  During that time, it serves as the central focal point of the national service of Hashem. Unfortunately, many of the Israelites ignore the Mishkan and refrain from visiting it for the pilgrimage festivals. Therefore, according to the Sages, when Elkana and Chana, who were prophets, make their pilgrimages, they travel along different routes each time in order to encourage others to join them and to serve Hashem properly.

Pendant Size: 1.5 cm X 3.5 cm

Materials: Sterling silver, Gem Stones

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