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The Israel Bible Daily Inspirations

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19 reviews for Daily Inspiration

  1. Matthew

    Is this in English as well as Hebrew ?

    • Tammy

      I cannot get wait to get my bible I love Jesus and his people and Isreal

  2. Angelo Bondoc

    The Israel Bible does it consist all the books ofthe Old Testaments?

    • Thomas Kwame OSEI

      I need The Israel Bible. I am coming to Jerusalem on 6-10 June. I am from Ghana. Where in Israel can I locate you?
      Thank you

      • Mordecai Altose

        How exciting that you are visiting the Holy Land! We have The Israel Bible available for local pickup. We are located in Bet Shemesh. See our contact information here:

    • Irma margarita

      Maravillosa Biblia

    • Mordecai Altose

      The Israel Bible contains all 24 books of the Tanach, also called The Old Testament.

  3. Miss Monserrate Lugo

    Good to get

  4. Mary


    • Annabell Mitchell-Henry

      Does it contain all the books of the new testament as well as the Tanach? Do you ship all the way to Trinidad in the Caribbean? Is it in English ?

      • Mordecai Altose

        The Israel Bible contains all the books of Tanach.

  5. Claudio

    It is in English?

  6. Teresa

    Is this in Hebrew or English

    • Mordecai Altose

      It is Mainly in English. Hebrew text is translated to English.

  7. Kerry Kraemer

    I liked reading the Hebrew and the definition with the verse.

    • Angelica Michael

      Thank you for love!

    • Deborah Neitz

      I love Israel. Thank you for the daily encouraging words.

  8. Cecilia

    I just love you People!

  9. Kim Gulley

    It sounds like just what I need and want for my walk and life.

    • Sennen Dourado

      As always God bless America and Israel, through hot and cold America has always been Israel’s staunchest supporter, and Israel America’s smaller brother in arms, we as ordinary humans cannot fathom this strange relationship, as the blessing goes, he who blesses the Apple of my eye will be blessed a thousandfold, he who curses the Apple of my eye be cursed 10 thousand fold .

    • Pieter van der Jagt

      I believe in the God from Abraham, Izaak and Jacob and the promise’s to the people from Israel and the fulfilment of prophecy, God bless Israel.

    • CW3GTC

      Well said! Thank you. Excellent point.

    • Paula J Gilbert

      The comparison of the Mayflower to Israelis leaving gentile nations for home is powerful and is a reminder to us all that Israel alone has a promise from God that they will always have a homeland. Nobody promised Americans that we would always be free or that we could ever return to where we came from. We don’t belong there anymore and our own country is changing before our eyes to a place we can’t recognize. God help America, God bless Isreal.

  10. Siva

    Finally a book to replace the False Bible

  11. Pat Thompson


    • Ayal Kellman

      No, hardcover only.

  12. Marksam Mariko

    Very educational, inspirational and of course very helpful

  13. David Rose

    Looks great

  14. Faith Cook

    I am in Canada.
    Is the price of the Daily inspirations in american funds?
    Do i pay exchange rate?
    Shipping to Canada?

    • Jose George

      I love Israel, place of God’s selected people

  15. Betty Hogeveen

    does it come in soft cover, is it heavy in the hands

    • Ayal Kellman

      Shalom Betty – no, this is only available in hardcover.

  16. mohmmad habiban

    All solution of our problems in the Bible

  17. Alfonso Esquivel

    You have these product in Spanish

    • Leona

      Why is it disappointing to you?

    • Ayal Kellman

      Shalom Alfonso – unfortunately, only in English at the moment.

  18. Paul Good

    extremely disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Faith Cook

      May I ask why you found it disappointing, before I decide to purchase it?

  19. Andrea Malzahn

    I´m living in Germany and I think that the shipping ist expensive but I´ll come to Israel in October. Could I get it also in Israel?

    Many blessings

    • Samuel Andersson

      Det som “världen” kallar för “ockuperade område” är exakt de platser till vilka Gud har lovat att föra sitt folk tillbaka [ Jerusalem, Juden, Samarien och Golan ]. Vi bad för att Israeler och Kristna öppet ska förkunna detta, och stå upp för Israels rätt till det här landet Bibliskt, Historiskt och Juridiskt

    • Dr Felix Ebo

      I am Dr. Felix Ebo. I live in the city of ABA, Nigeria, how can I pay

      • Mordecai Altose

        You can pay with a credit card on our website or by mail:

        In Israel:
        Yig’al Alon Ave 1
        Bet Shemesh, 9906201

        In the US:
        Lynx Fulfillment
        Attention: ISRAEL365
        243 Root Street, Dock 2
        Olean, NY 14760

    • Mazal

      Shalom Andrea,

      It is certainly possible to pickup the Israel Bible at our office. Please see the address below. Thank you!

      Yig’al Alon Ave 1, Beit Shemesh

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