David’s Harp Silver Drop Earrings



These unique earrings are modeled after an ornament that was found in archaeological excavations. The finding was an ancient ornament wrought in the shape of a harp. The harp is synonymous with King David, who was known in the Bible as a harpist as well as a shepherd and a musician to kings, before he himself was appointed by God through the prophet Samuel. The harp has become an iconic symbol of the House of David and is the City of David's project logo. David composed psalms and may have sung them on his harp. Commentators hypothesize that he used the harp as an alarm clock as well. The harp was an instrument that opened the gates to serenity and holiness. Through the ages, it still reminds the world of David and his beautiful songs.

Dimensions 1.5cmX1cm
925 sterling silver

About the Artist
City of David products seeks to promote the beautiful and historic elements of one of the oldest cities in the world. In connection with the preserved city and the excavation projects, The City of David Store offers replicas of archeological findings, giving customers the thrilling chance to take home a piece of history. Their products bring Biblical figures to life and echo with the true ancient ring of the days of old.

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