Next Year in Jerusalem – The Israel365 Passover Interactive eHaggadah


Follow along the Passover Seder with our Interactive eHaggadah. Complete with explanations and instructions on the process and order of the Seder, the text of the Haggadah is now translated and transliterated with links to videos of a Jewish Cantor reciting the Haggadah in Hebrew.


The Seder is the oldest ritual in Western Civilization and has been observed by Jewish families in an unbroken
chain for thousands of years. Each year, dozens of new Haggadah Commentaries are published adding to
the great repertoire of Jewish literature. With all of the brilliant Haggadot published over the generations,
it is safe to say that never before in Jewish History have we had a Video Haggadah! What you will see is entirely revolutionary for the People of the
Book, but with the power of video in our day and age, we hope that our Haggadah contributes to your
preparation for Passover and appreciation of the holiday.

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