Priestly Blessing Sterling Silver Necklace and Pendant



Priestly Blessing Sterling Necklace and Pendant is uniquely designed and engraved with the priestly blessing in both ancient Hebrew lettering as well as the modern Hebrew lettering we would recognize today. The City of David is a wealth of archaeological finds from the temple period, and it its continuing ability to provide us with insight into ancient Jewish life, which makes it such a precious resource. It was on one of these excavations that a silver scroll with verses from the Birkat Kohanim, the priestly blessing, on it, which inspired our artists to create this piece.

The scroll was found rolled up in such a way that a string could be threaded through in order to be worn, probably as a necklace or ornament. Two such scrolls were discovered at the Ketef Hinnom burial caves during excavations that took place there in the 1970’s. The scrolls are dated to the seventh century BCE, the end of the First Temple period.

Birkat Kohanim, the priestly blessing, was one of the ceremonial highlights of the public rituals performed at the Temple. To find one worn as an amulet indicates how intrinsic the words of the blessing are to Jewish life.

Dimensions 0.17''X1.7'' / 0.5cmX4.5cm Length 43 cm

About the Artist
City of David products seeks to promote the beautiful and historic elements of one of the oldest cities in the world. In connection with the preserved city and the excavation projects, The City of David Store offers replicas of archeological findings, giving customers the thrilling chance to take home a piece of history. Their products bring biblical figures to life and echo with the true ancient ring of the days of old.

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