Sterling Silver Three Dimensional Star of David with Roman Glass Necklace

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This beautiful Sterling Silver Star of David necklace prominently features a piece of Roman Glass discovered in an archaeological excavation in Israel. The shape in modern times is the primary symbol representing the Jewish people. The 12 sides of the six-pointed star are said to represent the 12 tribes of Israel, and has been displayed in Kabbalistic representations for centuries.

About the Artist
Rafael Jewelers is a 5th generation artisan jeweler with quite an impressive family history. It is run by Rafael Saadia and his son Maor from their Jerusalem studio. Rafael is a Jew of Yemenite descent. His ancestors were appointed to be the personal jewelers for Yemen's royal family. Rafael uses the ancient art of filigree, patterned work of fine gold and silver wires formed into delicate designs, together with modern styles and designs.

Materials: Sterling Silver, Roman Glass
Dimensions of Pendant: 2 cm x 2 cm

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