The Israel Bible and Hebrew Reading Guide

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Learn Hebrew with The Israel Bible!

This bundle is perfect for anyone who is yearning to study and understand the Bible in its original Hebrew. The “You Can Read Hebrew” guide will enable you to read your favorite Bible verses in Hebrew for an authentic Bible study experience. 

Order The Israel Bible and the “You Can Read Hebrew” guide and save 25% on your order!

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This bundle includes:

The Israel Bible Hardcover Edition

The “You Can Read Hebrew” Laminated Sheet

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*Please note, because of Hebrew text, The Israel Bible is bound on the right.



The Israel Bible Hardcover Edition is the world’s first Bible to highlight the special relationship between the Land the People of Israel. Through traditional and contemporary Jewish sources, The Israel Bible seeks to present God’s eternal and unchanging love for Israel and His Chosen People.

The “You Can Read” Laminated Card will guide you through the Hebrew alphabet and teach you the basics of reading Hebrew. Learn how to pronounce key verses and proper nouns from the Bible in the original Hebrew!

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