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From the 70th Anniversary Edition of The Israel Bible

Sefer Yechezkel, the Book of Ezekiel, contains the prophecies Yechezkel received between the years 593-571 BCE. Since he provides exact dates for a number of his prophecies throughout the book,  we can easily pinpoint the moment in history when they are delivered. His messages are intended mainly for the Jews already living in Babylonia, who were exiled from Yerushalayim in 597 BCE, and watch from afar as their Beit Hamikdash and homeland in Yehuda are destroyed. In addition to his prophecies of rebuke, one of Yechezkel’s central roles involves offering strength to these people who have been torn from the Holy Land.

Journey through the complete Book of Ezekiel with insightful commentary and a special focus on the Land of Israel. Includes the full, original Hebrew text with clear English translation. Ezekiel’s messages are intended mainly for the Jews already living in Babylon, who were exiled from Jerusalem in 597 BCE, and watch from afar as their Temple and homeland in Judah are destroyed. In addition to his prophecies of rebuke, one of Ezekiel’s central roles involves offering strength to the people torn from the Holy Land. Ezekiel descends from a priestly family in Jerusalem. After being exiled from Jerusalem, he lives in Babylon in the city of Tel Abib. His messages of rebuke fall mostly on deaf ears, as the Jews who live in Babylon refuse to believe that God will destroy His holy city of Jerusalem and His Temple. As well, they do not accept his words of reproach that justify the upcoming tragedy. After the destruction, however, the people are ready to listen to Ezekiel and his message changes. Instead of focusing on the catastrophe and its causes, Ezekiel begins to outline how the Jewish people can survive the temporary loss of their land and prevail in exile. His messages speak equally of both the ritual and the ethical, and he delivers a message of hope that echoes to this day.


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