The Book Of Psalms
You’ve Been Waiting For.

Introducing the first-ever Book of Psalms
with verse-by-verse English transliterations
to help you read and understand Psalms
in the original Hebrew!

Make King David’s Prayers Yours

With this brand-new edition of Psalms,
you’ll be able to pray through the Book of Psalms just like King David!
With a full English translation and transliterations, you’ll understand God’s Word more deeply
and grow closer to Him as you pray.
What could be better than that?


The Secret to Reading Hebrew

A transliteration is an English spelling of a non-English word, like writing shalom for the Hebrew word שלום .

See how easy it can be to read Hebrew?
Now imagine a transliteration of every single word in Psalms. That’s over 30,000 Hebrew words you’ll know how to read and say!

That’s the power of transliterations.
Practice on just one verse, and you’ll see how quickly King David’s words will penetrate your heart.


Now You Can Understand

The English translation in the new Pray Like David edition is a 100% accurate translation of the original Hebrew text of Psalms. It is one of the world’s most authentic and readable English versions of King David’s prayers.

That’s something to appreciate.
So while you’re reading in Hebrew, the translation will help you also UNDERSTAND Hebrew.
You’ll be amazed at how easily you’ll connect with King David’s words when you know what they mean.

Study Psalms With
The Tribe!

When you buy your Book of Psalms,
you’ll get free lifetime access to the Tribe, Israel365’s online community.
It’s a great place to meet and study
with fellow Hebrew Bible lovers
and English-speaking rabbis in Israel.

Daily Psalms

Rabbi Akiva Gersh

Starting January 1st, Rabbi Akiva from the Tribe will be giving a daily class on Psalms using your new book.

If you tune in for all 150 days, you’ll go through the entire Book of Psalms! What an incredible way to connect to your Biblical roots in Israel!

Become a Prayer Warrior
with King David

With its valuable transliterations and clear translation, this power-packed Book of Psalms will do exactly what it promises – help you pray like King David.

And by joining the daily Psalms classes on the Tribe, you will become a true prayer warrior.

Bring the Psalms deeper into your heart and keep David’s words on your lips!

Order Your Copy Of The Book Of Psalms Transliterated Today & Start Praying Like The World’s Greatest Poet And King!