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These inspirational Biblical products
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The Biblical Roots Bundle gives you

The Amazon best-selling
Israel Bible in both hard
copy and digital


A Bible
Study Sheet


A 2023


2 3-D maps
of the Land
of Israel


& 2 Hebrew

That’s a $200 + retail value
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Thousands of Israel lovers worldwide have tapped their Biblical roots with these one-of-a-kind products.


my name is Rabbi Tuly Weisz,

For the last ten years, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people like you connect with your Biblical roots.

My mission in life is to help you love God, the People of Israel, and the Land of Israel more and more every day.

This Bible Roots Bundle is designed to do just that. It contains our 8 top-selling Biblical products, for one HIGHLY discounted price.
But what are these “products”? And how will they change your life?

Take a look ↓

The Israel Bible

The Israel Bible is a
#1 Amazon bestseller
for very good reasons.




  • A modern, accurate English translation straight from the Hebrew original – no distortions from Greek here!
  • English transliterations of inspiring verses to help you pronounce, read, and understand Hebrew!
  • A unique commentary on every page explaining God’s focus on the Land of Israel and clarifying prophecies about the final redemption.
  • Charts, lists, and maps that help you study better and understand more.

You won’t find a Hebrew Bible like this anywhere in the world!

With tens of thousands of copies sold, the Israel Bible will help you get closer to God, the Bible, and your Hebrew roots.

This review from a very happy Israel Bible reader says it all:

“Thank you so much for making the Israel Bible. I love it! It helps me read and understand the original Hebrew, God’s reasons for choosing the people of Israel and returning them to their Land. It inspires and connects me to the Land of Israel, which helps me connect to my Hebrew roots and, most importantly, God.”

Mary A., Texas

Connect to your soul & God
with the Israel Bible!

The Israel Bible

Digital Version

The Digital Version
of the Israel Bible is the
PDF sister of the book



  • It’s in full and living color, with photos of Israel that bring the text to life.
  • It’s weightless, so it’s perfect when you’re on the go or traveling.
  • Read it on ANY device – laptop, tablet, phone – anywhere!
  • You can zoom into any image, verse, chart, or map with crystal-clear resolution!
  • Take screenshots of your favorite verses to share with friends and family on social media.


Israel Bible
Study Sheets

Meet the “super tools”
of Bible study.
seven laminated sheets


Prophets of the Bible lists 55 prophets with their English and Hebrew names and the Bible verses where they appear.

Women of the Bible lists 20 of the greatest women with their English and Hebrew names and a short biography of each woman.

Men of the Bible lists 20 of the most influential men with their English and Hebrew names and a short biography of each man.

Places in the Bible lists 10 of the most important Biblical locations with info about each place. This sheet will deepen your knowledge of and relationship with the Land of Israel.

With these sheets, you’ll be a Bible master in no time!

Kings of the Bible is a chart of every Israelite king in both kingdoms, from Saul to Zedekiah. It also includes the Bible verses where each king appears.

You Can Read Hebrew will teach you how to read and speak the 22 letters and 12 vowels of the Holy Language of Hebrew. If you want to understand the Bible in the original, this is for you.

Alef-Bet Insights features deeper insights into 22 Hebrew letters through key Bible verses. This sheet is the gateway into the spiritual heights of Hebrew.

With these sheets, you’ll be a Bible master in no time!

The Israel Bible
Calendar 2023

If you love Israel, you’ll love our bestselling calendar, now in its 8th year!



If you love Israel, you’ll love our bestselling calendar, now in its 8th year!

The 2023 calendar’s theme is Ingathering the Exiles, featuring 16 prophetic verses about the miraculous return of the People of Israel from the four corners of the globe to the Land of Israel.

If you love seeing Biblical prophecy in action, this year’s calendar is for you!

As always, the calendar has 16 months of gorgeous, breathtaking, and heartwarming photographs of the Holy Land. There’s also a Jewish and Israeli Holiday Guide to keep you informed and in sync with the Holy Days.

Over 15,000 happy customers have hung Israel Bible calendars in their homes in the last two years.
Geraldine in Massachusetts is one of them. She shared her enthusiasm with us:

“I LOVE it! The pictures are beautiful; I really appreciate the Scripture verses listed for each month; and there are explanations given for each holiday. This calendar has definitely increased my longing to return to Israel!”

Geraldine, Massachusetts

The calendar will make you the most inspired, elevated, and Land of Israel-educated person around!
And you’ll be plugged into Israel for 16 months!

The 3-D Biblical
Israel Map

Without the 3-D Biblical Israel Map, it’s impossible to understand the Bible.


Without the 3-D Biblical Israel Map, it’s impossible to understand the Bible.

This raised relief map will help you see, feel, and understand Biblical history, geography, and the Holy Land like never before.

Remember, the Bible isn’t teaching about an imaginary world. It’s teaching about a real place – the Land of Israel.

The Land of Israel is a place of hills, valleys, plains, rivers, deserts, forests, and more. This 3-D map lets you see and touch its exact geography.

You’ll finally understand where Abraham traveled, where the Tribes settled, and where King David fought the Philistines.

Everything you’ve read in the Hebrew Bible will suddenly start to make sense.

The Biblical 3-D Map shows you the tribal portions of the Land, along with Biblical cities, roads, and of course the topography. It’s a veritable encyclopedia of the Bible in a wall-mounted map.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this 3-D Biblical map of Israel is worth a trillion!

With this map, your love for Bible study and the Land of Israel will be catapulted even higher!

Is there any greater joy than that?

The 3-D Modern
Israel Map

Meet the 3-D Map of Modern Israel – your new Israeli tour guide!


Meet the 3-D Map of Modern Israel – your new Israeli tour guide! This full-color raised relief map will help you see, touch, and appreciate the modern Holy Land. If you love Israel, this map is a must-have.

With a single glance, you’ll understand why Judea and Samaria are the Biblical Heartland. With a stroke of a finger, you’ll travel from Mount Hermon to the Red Sea.

The map will also help you understand Israel’s political and military challenges. You’ll see clearly why Lebanon is a threat. Why the Golan Heights must stay in Israel’s hands. How rockets from Gaza can hit so many Israeli cities.

This 3-D map combines topographic precision, a wealth of information, and a colorful and user-friendly design.

Hang it up and keep the Land of Israel alive in your home.

Hebrew Birthday

Your Hebrew Birthday is your spiritual birthday. God put your soul in your body.


Your Hebrew Birthday is your spiritual birthday. It’s the day that God chose to put your soul into your body.

It was the first day of the rich and meaningful life you’re now living.

The Hebrew Birthday Certificate includes the date of your Hebrew birthday, spiritual insights into your birthday, plus the holidays, tribe, and precious stone connected to your birth month.

The Certificate will deepen your understanding of your soul’s purpose and plug you right into the Bible. It will also show you why God wanted that day to be your birthday.

Thousands of people worldwide get deep Biblical inspiration from their Hebrew Birthday Certificate every day. So can you!

We’ll email your Hebrew Birthday Certificate PDF upon purchase. Print it, frame it, and show it off! You’ll inspire your family and friends.

 The Hebrew Birthday Certificate is a great way to always stay connected to your Biblical roots.

Hebrew Name

Your Hebrew name is your spiritual name. the name of your soul & your Biblical identity.


Your Hebrew name is your spiritual name. It’s the name of your soul and your secret Biblical identity.

The Hebrew Name Certificate will show you the connection between your Hebrew name, English name, your personal attributes, and a key Biblical verse mentioning your name.

The certificate will deepen your appreciation of who you are and why you’re here.

Thousands of people reconnect to their Biblical roots every day from their Hebrew Name Certificate. So can you!

Upon purchase, we’ll email your Hebrew Name Certificate straight to your inbox as a PDF. Feel free to print it, frame it, display it, and share it with family, friends, and co-workers.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate your unique connection to the Bible and your faith.

So that’s the Biblical Roots Bundle.
If I didn’t have it myself, I’d buy it right now!

To quickly review, in the Biblical Roots bundle you get: The Amazon best-selling Israel Bible in both hard copy and digital, a Bible Study Sheet Set, a 2023 Israel Calendar, two 3-D maps of the Land of Israel, and two Hebrew Roots Certificates, All for only $99.99

Every single one of these items is designed to:

Help you love
God even more
every day

Fill your life with
Biblical inspiration
and pleasure

Connect you to the
Land of Israel and
the People of Israel

Read, understand
& appreciate the
Hebrew Bible

And at only $99.99
for a bundle worth over $200,

I GUARANTEE that your Biblical Roots Bundle will bring more happiness, meaning & Biblical inspiration into your life.

Blessings from the Land of Israel,

Rabbi Tuly Weisz